Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing Contest

January 23, 2012: Short Candidate Lists posted here.
December 8, 2011:
This context is now closed. For additional information about the process see this post.

Wed., December 7, 2011

Fiction, Non-fiction (Creative or Essay)

Entry Fee

In each category: $300/$150/$50

We are looking for works of up to 5000 words in each category. Previously published work are accepted so long as can legally obtain free, one time, one site, permanent web publication rights.


  • All entries must be submitted via email sent to, one entry per email. NO SUBMISSIONS ARE ACCEPTED VIA MAIL.
  • In the body of your email submission include author name and contact information.
  • In the body of your email submission include information about any previous publication.
  • Only submissions written in English are considered at this time.
  • Entries with pornographic theme, hate speech, and those that may be classified as personal or institutional “rant” are disqualified. No other theme restrictions are imposed.
  • Unless explicitly requested in the body of your email, all qualified submissions will be posted on upon receipt and an initial assessment of quality.
  • You may submit to both categories.
  • The contest may be extended at discretion until a minimum of 500 entries have been submitted.
  • Winners are chosen based on a combination of pixelhose readers’ vote (“like” and/or comments) and pixelhose editorial staff decision.
  • Winners are selected at the sole discretion of pixelhose staff. All decisions are final.

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