pixelhose is a variety blog. We have no specific intellectual, artistic, political, religious, or culinary bend. The site was the culmination of starting blogs and then running out of things to say. If you have been there, you know the excitement of starting a blog and then the disappointment of abandoning it… Us too!

Good News!!! You are finally at the right place!

pixelhose is specifically designed for the occasional blogger. You can submit as little or as many pieces as you’d like, join the discussion or simply lurk!

So STOP STRESSING about grammar, punctuation, cropping, background music, composition, POV, shutter speed, and just have fun by putting some stuff out there. Our goal is to build a supportive community where members can help each other improve their inner-creative by offering constructive comments and feedback.

Really!! It’s that simple!

So take a look around and let the creative you come out and play!



pixelhose.com Brings Social Features to Writing Contests
pixelhose.com Announces First Writing Competition with $1000 in Total Author Prizes


Except for content specifically cited in this notice, all copyright and/or ownership rights on any content appearing on pixelhose belong to the person submitting it and/or is noted along with content. All “comments”, anonymous posts, and any material not explicitly attributed to a member or carrying an explicit copyright notice including modifications to the WordPress theme and photos appearing on page headers are unconditionally a property of pixelhose.com.

To raise any copyright related issues or to report a violation please email us at:

All typical support or service issues should be sent to:


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Several of my would-be voters said they did not because they were required to enter their user name and password and they don’t reveal those willy-nilly. I told them that maybe this was required so that a person couldn’t enter a bunch of votes for themself or for a friend under the guise of BEING many other readers. Perhaps next time they could just enter their name and city where they live or something. People are righteously wary of ID theft and computer hacking these days.

    • Hi Donna.

      Thanks for the note.

      We host the site on WordPress.com and the sign-in process is their requirement. Having said that, we actually do support the requirement because, otherwise, we’d be inundated with spam. As is, more the 50% of comments we see are spam, promoting anything from certain pharmaceuticals to MLM to …. We are trying to experiment with other ways to entering comments and we’ll see what happens.


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