Our Facebook Page Is Up!

As you probably noticed, we’ve been kinda quiet after our first writing competition concluded. The reason was that, before rolling out another project, we wanted to make sure to analyze our first project and make any necessary changes.

One of the first issues we decided to address was the way WordPress.com (our current-but-not-for-long host) handled comments and “Like”s. To solve the issue we created our own Facebook page – duh, ha?! Unfortunately, to integrate the Facebook page with pixelhose.com we need to change hosts which is a bit of work still ahead for us. Once completed however, your readers will be able to vote for your work and post comments directly on our Facebook page. There are more changes coming shortly that, collectively, will make pixelhose easier to use, a better destination to showcase your talent, and a more effective partner to contribute to your success.

In the meantime, please like our Facebook page on http://www.facebook.com/pixelhose.To make the page a bit interesting, we posted most of the pixelhose.com page header photos; now you don’t have keep reloading the page to see all the header photos!


Bob Dourandish