Winners of the First Writing Competition

We are pleased to announce the winners of our first writing competition.

Before sharing the list, however, all of us here want to take a moment to thank everyone for participating – for your submissions, for reading the posts, and for the great comments – that made the pixelhose contest unique, lively, and fun. Secondly, we need to stress the difficulty of selecting form amongst such wonderful pieces. At the end, our selection was influenced with a combination of the writing, the story or message, and of course, reader reaction. With that in mind, the selected pieces are:


First Selection: Peg by Bellakentuky
Second Selection:
The Life and Times of Emmy Calhoun by Annie Boreson
Third Selection:
Just One Cut by J.C. Martin


First Selection: Charlie by Vandy Gibson
Second Selection:
Pop by Amy Hildreth Duncan
Third Selection:
The Mustached Murderers by Tara Parian


23 thoughts on “Winners of the First Writing Competition

    • All pieces will get some sort of feedback from us. The feedback is posted on the piece over the next few weeks. At the end though, both our selection and feedback is subjective and bound by our own experiences and, as such, should not discourage you in any way.


      • Lisa,

        We started posting the feedbacks online but got a bunch of requests not to share them publicly. So they were emailed. If you have not received yours (please check your spam folder as well) let us know and we’ll go searching for it.


      • OK. I am offsite today but I should be able to pull the feedback from archives tomorrow and send it again. I’ll also check out mail logs to see if we got anything bounced back. Either way, will get this taken care of in a couple of days.


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  2. I will say the writers are in good company with the renderings I have been grateful to receive and comment on. The best to all who participated in this worthy and valued use of their time and precious talents.

  3. Hearty congratulations to the winners, well done, and to the Pixel Hose team for providing such a lively forum for posting our stories.

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