Writing Competition Short Lists

We are excited to release the short list of candidates for our writing competition. There are two lists, one for Fiction and one for Non-Fiction entries. They are listed below in alphabetical order by author.

This was an unusually difficult selection for us because of the large number of high quality submissions. At the end, 34 Fiction and 15 Non-Fiction pieces stood out for us, creating a rather strong and unique combination of narratives to eventually choose winners from.  As per the process posted here, after the contest concludes we plan to publish a brief comment on all the published pieces. At that point, the authors will have a better idea as to why their entry may or may not have been included in the short list.

Winners for each category will be announced on Tuesday February 7, 2012. This will give authors two more weeks to promote your work and encourage your readers to post comments on your piece.

The Fiction Short List (Alphabetical by Title)

Title Author
A Dime in the Dew Curtis James McConnell
Along the Canal and Forever Dalton Fischer Linnett
Buggy Ruthie’s Sandwich Brenda Sargent
Chicken Shit and Candy Rachel Burger
Cicadas Lucille Bellucci
Dawn in the Everglades Joyce Frohn
Dimples Monda Mahmoud
Even The Pure Intentions Fail Lisa Hill Newman
Fall into Me Brianna Soloski
Fallen Awake L. Vera
Father Kilharmy Bruce Teifer
Floating House in the Fleeting World Kirsty Logan
Inventing The Real H. C. Turk
Just One Cut J.C. Martin
Loss Srikanth Tirupattur Ramamurthy
Multi-colored Spandex Megan Massaro
One Of My Ears Is Missing John Malone
Peg Bellakentuky
Peter’s Story Idore Anschell
Premonition Jon Batson
Rich Guy and Poor Guy Abeille Amore
Sex Slave Mike Berger
Shadows of the Wind David W. Moore III
Suicide Is Painless Andrew Campbell-Kearsey
The Beggar’s Blessing Richard W. Aites
The dog, the cows and the girl in the woods Sean-paul Thomas
The Girl in the Picture Eva Bell
The Life and Times of Emmy Calhoun Annie Boreson
The Look on His Face Dahlia Eissa
The Lunch on Good Friday Sylva Nze Ifedigbo
The Stray J.R.Poulter
The Tenement Barbara Bixon
The Woods Sarah Wallenfang
Watch the grass grow Mohamed Osman

Non-Fiction Short List (Alphabetical by Title)

A Tale of Two Mothers Diana Ng
Address Unknown Lisa Clark
Amazing Grace Donna L. Kuust
Charlie Vandy Gibson
Drive, She Said Lyra Halprin
Food Robin Devereaux-Nelson
Hope and other childhood things Caroline Callahan
How I Quit Ballet Hayley Huntley
Learning To Be Cold Barbara Walker
Leaving Well Christine Riehl
Pop Amy Hildreth Duncan
Saving Anabelle Lisa Morris
The Mustached Murderers Tara Parian
The Trifecta of the Charming Man K.T. Walsh
The Brotherhood Ashley Woodmender

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  1. ‘Jumping Off the Sunshine Bridge’ is really well-written. sadly, it didn’t make it up the list. fortunately, ‘How I Quit Ballet’ is still in. good luck to all of those other remaining entries (”,)

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