SOPA Protest Report

SOPA Protest, San Francisco (

SOPA Protest, San Francisco (

In addition to going dark, pixelhose staff participated in the San Francisco SOPA protest. Yes! We did show up in person – an odd feeling, like, oh, reading a paper book nowadays!

We are happy, no, make that ELATED to report that the “after-action” data are extremely positive. Here are some highlights, gleaned from various news sources:

  • Three US senators, including senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) withdrew his
    support for SOPA/PIPA. Given the senator’s stature within the GOP, this is a
    major blow to these incredibly, uh…, dumb is the only word that comes to
    mind, bills.
  • The conservative Heritage Foundation announced its opposition to the
  • Google said 4.5 MILLION people signed the anti-SOPA petition today
  • Last week only three senators opposed PIPA. As of this writing, 35
    senators are publicly opposing the bill(s). The “magic number” – the number of
    opposing votes needed to kill the bill in the US Senate – is 41.

These are all of course great first-time-out results for a community that had never come together for a political cause. But the SOPA problem is far from solved.

Next week, US Senate will try a floor vote on PIPA. We’ll of course will have multiple posts before then, hoping to give everyone more good reason to keep signing those online petitions and calling their US senators, PARTICULARLY senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) who is one of the bill’s co-sponsors and, so far, has refused to acknowledge the error of his ways.

In the meantime, we want to THANK everyone who supported the protest day, particularly those of you who also took time to send us emails expressing your support.

Let’s do this!

Bob Dourandish