A Neat Trick to Help You Stay on Your Diet

Let’s face it… Any activity that starts with the word “DIE” can’t possibly be pleasant so it’s no wonder that people hate to DIET!!! Most people have a great reason to start a diet but have a hard time to maintain the discipline until it becomes a habit. Some of us have to diet though. I am one of them. I lift weights for exercise and if I don’t watch what I eat, I will easily balloon because I tend to attack the frig after a couple of hours at the gym. So I am always looking for ways of regulating what I eat and I think I have found a neat trick! 

Put your scale right in front of your refrigerator.

I stumbled on this by accident during a move and realized that the scale was a pretty good motivator when I opened the frig door… It “speaks to me” as I approach the box and, sometimes, even encourages me not to open it at all and pass up that ‘one more’ beer or piece of chicken.

This works really well for me and hopefully it’ll help at least some of you folks too.